☻ Hello! We are Aloha.

Maison de Aloha is a collection of Aloha's favorite things. We select or produce vintage products from around the world and products that give you a lovely and cheerful mood. It can be purchased through the Hongdae store, own online store, and various offline and online stores. We are working with various partners through wholesale sales.

Services: Vintage, Select item, Production, Wholesale, Hongdae Store, Online store, Direct Import, Bulk Purchase.

  • 고객센터 : 070-8833-1225 (홍대매장번호X)
  • Opening hours. pm1-pm6 [sat, sun, holiday OFF]
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    Owner SUNGWON KIM & YUMEE CHOAdmin YUMEE CHO (retro_y@naver.com)
    Business license no. 125-22-87496
    Online-order license no. 2015-서울마포-1347
    Address 04053 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로29가길 18 (반품주소 : 경기 평택시 비전4로 39 S타워 201, 202호)
    Tel 070-8833-1225E.mail alohacompany_qa@naver.com
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